A few days ago, my lovely friend, Sarah, came to me with an idea…

Let’s start a blog!

And, since I run a full-time business, hold an additional two part time jobs, attend school part time for real estate, have multiple time-consuming responsibilities, hobbies and friends…and, ya know, need to sleep sometimes, naturally…I agreed without question!

We started to think about all of the things that our lives envelop: balancing our businesses, daily lifestyle and travels.

Underlying all of these aspects was one common goal: to empower our fellow woman to wander wherever she pleases!

And, after many horrible, overly-descriptive name ideas, that is how WanderBeyondHer came to be.

Now, I’d like to introduce myself.

I’m Dakota.

You could consider me a non-conformist of sorts. I prefer the term rarity, though (cause it sounds less teenager-who-hates-their-parents-angsty and more magical-unicorn-like).

I speak my mind. I like what I like. I know what I want. I make things happen, and don't just talk about them.

I have always been this way, but I’ll spare you my life’s story (for now) and start with the abstract:

I am a 25 year old, female business owner from Long Island, NY.

I have a B.A. in Psychology from Stony Brook University.

I have a dog, Jacks, and a fish, Luca.

I love the outdoors and anything that gets me there, whether it be my feet, my kayak, or some ropes up a 50 foot rock face.

I enjoy tea, yoga, painting, and writing poetry.

The end.

Entertaining right?!

Just kidding.

And you thought you got off easy!

Here are some of the juicy details if you’ve made it this far and care to dig in further:

A few years ago, after finishing college with a B.A. that lead me no further than an entry-level clerical position, I decided to free myself from my conventional government office job, and at just 23 started my own consulting/expediting company. This leap has lead me to countless experiences and incredible opportunities. This is something I am constantly proud of myself for not just talking about, but dedicating myself to and making my vision come to life, despite my countless fears and occasional outside backlash for choosing such a highly male-dominated field (construction) as a young woman.

As a business owner, I have learned so much, not just about business things like tax filings and the difference between a LLC and and Corporation; but about things like the importance of respectfully demanding respect, good communication, record keeping and organization, responsibility and time management, and consistently showing strong initiative. These qualities that make me a good business owner, I’ve found, naturally began to diffuse into the way I conduct myself in my personal life, and this learning experience is one of the main reasons I am able to consider myself successful. Running a small business can be a financial rollercoaster at times, but personal growth is an equally important form of success. The way I look at it is: if you’re learning from your situation, and are better because of it, it is valuable. I try to not ever forget that, especially on rough days.

All-in-all there are more days where I am SO grateful to be doing what I do! Running a business has helped me in many ways than being able to consider myself successful, and the flexibility (and so my availability for travel opportunities) can not be beat!

As big of a part of my life my work is, I do like to leave as much time as possible for play (but who doesnt?!).

I am a very go with the flow type of person, I prefer to not make plans when I don’t have to, and I find myself using my least-favorite phrase “lets play it by ear,” WAY too often. Don’t get me wrong, when necessary, (like on most of my travels) I am a planner to the point that my anxiety is almost totally cured because of my over-attention to detail, but in my daily life, spontaneity—the idea of having no idea—to me, has always been the more attractive option. Life Hack: If you chose to be out of control you are always in control; so I like to let life lead me where it will, and I don’t like to influence it with being overly-opinionated.

I am also a creature of habit, so although I try not to make a lot of plans, I do usually know where I'll most likely be.

On a typical weekday you can find me working in my home office, filing permits at town hall, or at my favorite local coffee shop, Coffee Booths (in Selden, NY) with my planner and laptop, buried in paperwork and with overwhelming doses of caffeine, phone calls and emails...or simply just enjoying the crazy caffeine combinations, and engaging in entertaining conversation with the lovely owners and fellow regulars.

On my days off, I enjoy rock climbing, hula hoop dance, yoga, pottery and hiking with my dog, Jackson. I do go out for the occasional girls night, but even these consist mostly of a few bottles of wine at one of our houses nowadays. I mostly like to lay-low to give myself lots of time (and financing) for my saving grace—travel!

More than anything else that I am, I am a traveler. I love living out of suitcases, sleeping in a different bed every night, trying new food, meeting new people; all of it. I only just started being able to develop and pursue this passion after college and quitting my job. My first real trip was only 4 years ago, when I was still miserable at my 9-5. I went to Colorado, saw real mountains for the very first time and fell in love. Every day of my life since I have decided to do whatever it takes to be able to hop on a plane whenever I please. I've visited 16 states in the past few years, including my bucket list spots of, Colorado, Utah, Oregon (and as of June 2018 - CALI)!

I am persistently and freely following my dreams, wherever they take me and my goal now is to inspire other lovely ladies to do the same.

Here at WanderBeyondHer we want to involve our community of fellow fearless females and boss babes, build real, lasting friendships, and provide consistent support, love and motivation to one another!

Together, Sarah and I make up 2/3 of WanderBeyondHer, the rest is you!

Thanks for reading!



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