Everyone knows the quickest way to rack-up airline mileage is to book flights through their airline of choice, so I love seeing people’s reactions when I tell them I paid for nearly my entire flight to California by buying books on Amazon.

Well, books and some other things, of course. Amazon is the online equivalent of Target…it tells you what you need!

Specifically, I got loads of books, lights for my room, frames, candles, birthday gifts for friends, and a bunch of other awesome and totally unnecessary stuff from amazon’s new interesting finds section that can absolutely read your soul (they’re like ooooh dakota look at this rock cluster it has healing powers and can fix your all your problems for $32.95 and I’m like ...SOLD!)

…anyways the point is, Amazon destroys will power...EVERYONE shops on Amazon for things they probably don’t need, and maybe even some things they do, so instead of learning the art of financial self control, why not do the smart thing, which would be to get PAID for all of those retail therapy splurges and take yourself to the Bahamas instead?!

I'll let you in on a secret...

You can earn JetBlue points through your Amazon account, too!

All you have to do is visit Jet Blue's Website and log into your TrueBlue account, or create one for free if you haven’t already registered.

Once logged in visit this link and simply click the “shop and earn” button.

JetBlue will generate a custom link for you to shop through, and an amazon window will automatically open (remember to save your custom link to your desktop for easy future use!).

All valid purchases made using this link will earn points that can be used to book JetBlue flights.

You can find the most up to date details for the partnership, including what makes a purchase valid, here.

If you don't feel like reading the fine print I'll do my best to sum it up with the info I found most relevant:

-Previous purchases are not valid, only those made using the link are, so remember to use it!

-Basically, anything added to your cart using this link that is purchased within 24 hours is considered a valid purchase (with a few minor exclusions, like: amazon fresh purchases, food delivery, some services, etc.).

-Points earned through Amazon can take up to 30 days to appear in your account, you can track your total earnings at any time by logging into your TrueBlue account.

This is a great partnership, trust me, it is not one of those deals that excludes every major brand and common purchase.

When I signed up for this promotion, the offer was 3x points for every $1 spent, but they are ending this March 27, 2018 !!!

The new deal will still offer 3x points on purchases made on Fly-Fi during a JetBlue flight, but will cut its at-home shopping benefits to 1x.

**Update** As of April 17, 2018, only purchased made using a Jet Blue Card are eligible for the 1x shop at home benefit, all other purchased are only considered valid when shopping on-board a Jet Blue flight AND using Fly-Fi.

BUT, FEAR NOT! They have a bunch of other great ways to earn points too, including their credit card, and other partnerships with Lyft, 1-800-flowers and many more!

Check them all out here, and start earning today!

Happy shopping, happy wandering!


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