Did you know Instagram can be an art museum?

Actually, it can be even better.

It can be a free, hand-selected art gallery, filled with unique, local or not-so-local artists, that you absolutely love but otherwise might never have heard of.

I love discovering new artists from all over the world and seeing their work fill my feed.

1. Klaudia Pavlicko @klaudiapavlicko

Klaudia is one of my favorites, she is based in Slovakia. I first came across her on tumblr, and from there found her instagram and website. She created this beautiful series called "Lost" that I was lucky enough to grab some limited quantity prints of. All of her work is striking.

2. Bill Crisafi @billsafi

I believe he is based in Salem, Mass. He makes amazing, unique prints and products. He also has really cool, hand made costumes and photography on his page. I am obsessed with his style, this print below is available as a tote bag, so perfect for eco-friendly shopping trips!

3. Mark Del Mar @bleeblu

A Miami based photographer who is constantly traveling with his beautiful wife Cait and shooting beautiful humans all over. They are major couple goals and his photography is seriously breathtaking.

4. Alex of Death and Milk @deathandmilk_

One of my absolute favorite artists. Based in Bath, UK. He creates these awesome graphic designs on his ipad, usually inspired by song lyrics, and certain ones are made into awesome, super-limited quantity merch, like shirts and hoodies!

5. Josh of Darker Days Illustration @darkerdaysillustration

Darker Days is another one of my favorites. He does lots of series of prints based on movies and songs. I love the vibrant pop of color against black and white art and a dark background. Most of his designs are available as tees and prints!

6. Christina of Radiant Human @radianthuman_

Such a unique account. Radiant human exhibits collections of "aura photography." She is based in Portland, but tours all over the country, so you might even get a chance to attend this unique experience yourself! You can see her upcoming events and buy tickets here.

7. Alex Garant @alexgarantart

Alex Garant is a super talented painter. She uses oil on canvas to create these unique, contemporary masterpieces. She is available for commissions, what a cool gift one of her paintings would make!!!

8. James Katsipis @mermaidsofmontauk

A long island local photographer and one of my long-time favorites, he is the creator of the series Mermaids of Montauk. This account features lots of skin, sand and ocean water. Not to mention beauties in their most natural form, very artistically shot. (Hope you don't mind a little bit of tasteful nudity!) If you have a modeling portfolio, you can even apply to be a mermaid yourself!

9. Seth Sancton @seth_shoots

A friend and very talented portrait photographer, Seth splits his time between Long Island, NY and Orlando, FL, but he travels all over the US and the world. His most recent adventures include a cross country road trip and Iceland! He is currently focusing on fashion and lifestyle photography, contact him on instagram for rates!

(featured model: @dakotarose)

10. Dan Cevallos @newagedan

Another good friend and talented portrait photographer, Dan is based on Long Island, NY. He shoots beautiful portraits, is a master of moody tones, and is a great director. He has recently shot for Free Spirits Apparel (@freespiritsapparel). He is available for hire, contact him on instagram for rates!

(featured model: @ally.sinna)

11. Jon Presto @jon_presto

A third local photographer and friend, based in Long Island, NY but also traveling the world! He takes awesome portraits, but his true talent lies in his ability to play with natural light and create clean, crisp long-exposure shots. His photo skills and patience are incredible. He has truly perfected the art of astrophotography. Contact on instagram for rates and astro-photography classes!

12. Michelle Lynn @michellelynndesignss

Michelle is a local artist from Long Island. She has an eye for finding unique beauty in unexpected places, and finds inspiration in the hidden, natural color palates around her. She is seriously tattoo-worthy-talented. As an island girl and beach lover, her art is often nautical themed, but she has a well-rounded appreciation for the earth as you can see in this dreamy mountainscape! She also offers mobile paint parties (host your own wine and paint night at home with your ladies!!) and private art lessons to share her incredible skills!

13. Eli Klemmeck @neomlei

Eli is originally from the PNW and some sort of dark, skeleton-y hiking-adventure is often reflected in his art, which is a major reason why I love it so much. He has also created many Ghibli inspired pieces, which I'm also a huge fan of! He has a very unique style and posts daily. He creates amazing prints and the originals are all available for purchase, and also does commission pieces!

14. Jenn Song @jenmanship

Let's get some brighter vibes going here! Who doesn't love calligraphy?! Jenn posts videos of herself creating these beautiful watercolor designs and they are truly mesmerizing.

15. Black and the Moon @blackandthemoon

Cosmic, floral, and bright tarot cards. The vibes on this page speak louder than any description I could give! A must follow!

16. Sarah Benning @sarahkbenning

Sarah creates amazing embroidered works of art. She also offers workshops to teach you how to create them too! Find out about them here.

17. Lyla Mori @moonflesh

Back to the dark side! Another embroidery artist that I love, moonflesh, incorporates real crystals, like lovely, glowy moonstone, into a lot of her designs. She also embroiders onto black fabric, making her work unique and striking.

18. Ashley Polski @minttinadventures

One of the coolest artists I've found to date! She takes empty Altoid tins on her adventures and paints tiny, realistic worlds into their lids. Great art and recycling!

19. Brandi @the.ardest A local artist I only heard of recently (thanks Chris of Pen and Trail Travel Magazine), based on Long Island, NY. Her drawings are beautiful, and sometimes eerie, which if you haven't noticed by now, is right up my alley!

20. Emma @thebookshelfofachampagnechild

I'm not sure if Emma considers herself an artist, but I certainly do. I couldn't live without her book reviews and artfully arranged food pics. I'm hungry for both a good breakfast and a good book, even now!

I hope you enjoyed these talented humans as much as I do,

and please consider supporting them, either through a purchase or a follow!

All of their Instagram accounts are linked above!


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