Liv's Lessons: Soul Sisters, Comfort Zones and Trying Again

Relationships - friendships - can be complex, complicated.

Sometimes opposites attract, and we grow closer through these differences.

Sometimes our soul sisters are revealed through similarities, like having exactly same thought at exactly the same time.

Sometimes, it's both.

This dynamic has proven to make the best of my friendships.

I've connected in ways that I never thought possible: I've felt genuinely perplexed by the ability of two people able to finish each others' sentences, word for word. I've shared tears of laughter, sadness, the frustration of navigating the craziness of life.

What's most important, though, is that I've been pushed outside of my incredibly small comfort zone.

I've felt resentment when presented with physical challenges, fully doubting any possibility that I might be successful.

But I've also known the fleeting feeling of accomplishment.

I went to Colorado and was blown away by the beauty around me.

I was equally blown away by the fullness in my heart the entire time, as I made lifetime memories with my best friend.

That's when I tried snowboarding. Tried, and completely failed. My board took off down the mountain before I was strapped in. I chased after it and cried. I felt embarrassed, defeated, void of every drop of confidence I had mustered up to even get onto the lift.

Guess what? A year later, full of anxiety and dread and the tiniest bit of excitement, I tried again. And again, I completely failed.

Point is: I got back up to the top of a mountain, after vowing to myself and to my best friend that I would never attempt snowboarding again. And while I cried on the way back down the mountain, this time my tears were from both disappointment and an odd sense of pride. I tried again. It wasn't easy. It was so hard. But I tried again.

I've learned through my strongest friendship, which has seen rough times, that it's worth trying again. Like romantic relationships, friendships aren't always easy. They take work, compromise, and genuine, unconditional love to really work.

But in the end, it's worth it to keep trying.

To try again, and again, and again, until that comfort zone is knocked down.

Life is full of inspiration and beauty everywhere...

Sometimes, what can inspire you the most is sitting right next to you, sipping coffee, petting the dog, spending time doing nothing at all, and growing closer through every moment.

These memories, these moments that I know we will forever both treasure, would not be had we not tried again.

It's always worth it.


The Author: Olivia Cienski from Long Island, NY.

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