May 9, 2018


I was driving in the car today going to work, and I was reassured that the decision I’ve made to take my life into my own hands is the right one. It’s funny how a simple song -in this case, Drive by Incubus- that I’ve heard no exaggeration HUNDREDS of times, can one day resonate with us differently. Whether I fail or flourish, wouldn’t I rather the outcome be in my control than in the hands of someone else? Absolutely YES. I’ve already recently experienced my company selling to a much larger entity, which still ensured the safety of all our jobs, but we’re already noticing the way we do things steadily being turned upsidown. Where will that leave us next year, 5 years from now, 10 years from now? Anything can happen, and I would much rather be in control of my career status.




“Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear.

And I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear take the wheel and steer.

It's driven me before,

And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal.

But lately I am beginning to find, that I should be the one behind the wheel

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there with open arms and open eyes”



Through this life transition, I have to constantly remind myself that it will all be ok. I’m human; I get scared and I question myself all the time… am I making the right decision? Is this too risky? Don’t forget, this mindset is the result of our programming from birth. I tell myself to stay positive and believe in myself and my capabilities, because a negative mindset will surely set me up for failure. If I only shoot good vibes into the universe and contribute energy of greatness and success, my dreams will have no choice but to thrive. This notion has nothing to do with believing in a greater power. Just think about it. If you’re constantly putting yourself down or have even a tiny belief that your dream has even a slight chance of not being “good enough,” that will in time dull your flame, ultimately leading you to give up. Don’t let that happen!! Believe and KNOW it’s already a good idea simply because you love it. The dream needs to be watered and tended to. Nothing is handed to us in life, and the world doesn’t owe us anything.


WORK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, and LOVE WHAT YOU DO. How can we expect to put endless hours into something we don’t love? I know deep down we all feel the same way when we’re living the herd life. We think to ourselves, ‘Something isn’t right, I’m not sure what it is, but there’s more to life than this.’ Yes, there is! It may take time to put your finger on exactly what the idea is that has been eating at your soul, but keep at it. Think deeper… feel and listen to your soul speaking to you. Eventually, things will start tying together. You’ll look at past events and notice why you maybe were in certain places or met certain people. It really is funny how life works, and when you start to see the magic happen in your life you’ll feel the same way. I feel high on life every day that I continue working towards doing what I love. It’s completely bizarre how it happens, but I’m grateful that I am undoubtedly on my path; too many coincidences have happened recently, and no one will make me believe otherwise!


BEING AWAKE is not smooth sailing. You will share your ideas and dreams with those near and dear to you for feedback (sometimes to even just talk it out, to help remind yourself you aren’t crazy!). Some people will be supportive and others will not see the vision… and yes, even assume the responsibility of trying to talk you out of it! There will be skeptics, there will be non believers. They will come in the form of acquaintances, friends, and even family. Expanding on the point mentioned above, working to stay positive in your life, has to be applied to your surroundings too. Be polite, be open minded. Hear the person out, let them voice their opinion- because let’s be real, they’re going to say it whether you like it or not. But know when to heed the advice and when to politely smile and say ‘thank you’. The last thing you want is to let an outside opinion put a damper on your dreams, settle with “yeah… you’re probably right,” and giving up! Don’t set yourself up for future regrets! Also, don’t let valuable relationships be tainted because they did not react as you expected or support you in ways you thought. People who really care will make themselves available in their own ways. Don’t forget, they have their own lives too and can’t assume partial responsibility to help make your dream a reality. That’s YOUR job!


We all live different situations; kids/no kids, age, single/married, apartment/house, job/unemployed. There are always different risks that tie along with your dreams. Be smart about your decisions, weigh the pros and cons. I’d like to think there’s always an option even if you have to temporarily compromise regarding the exact implementation of your dream plan. But never stop brainstorming until you come to a solution that works for you!



“But lately I am beginning to find

That when I drive myself my light is found”




One love.




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