Pura Vida

I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful of a country Costa Rica truly is.

It begins with the venture there and all the scenery along the way, but it doesn’t stop there.

The people are friendly and kind, the food and representation of it is exquisite, and let’s not forget about the night life! They have the best music, and atmosphere, that sends good vibes all around.

During your visit, you may hear the term “Pura Vida” which means, pure life or simple life.

They use this phrase anywhere and everywhere you go.

It’s not just a phrase but a way of living, “life is what you make of it.”

This phrase is used to bring happiness to others and to one self despite all the hardships and circumstances going on in their lives.

It’s not just a phrase but their culture.

It’s their way of life.

And to me that is just beauty in its self.

Costa Rica is not a wealthy country, and is growing with poverty, but the people who live there chose to remain there as it is their home.

As per Lucy, our tour guide during one of our excursions, the poverty has increased due to the amount of tourists.

Anywhere you travel, goods are more expensive, souvenirs aren’t cheap,

and that is because of us tourists...so not only is it expensive for us,

but it extends out to the people who call it home,

making it hard for them to buy clothes and to sustain a comfortable

lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.

That being said I’m not discouraging you to visit here by any means,

I believe everyone should experience the beauty of the country

and support the people that reside there.

Just throwing out an interesting fact I learned during my stay.

let's venture back to the excursions...

They have tons of fun and adventurous activities to explore.

From hiking to view volcanos, to hot springs, zip lining, 4-wheeling, and much more.

My favorite of all was the hot springs and zip lining.

Although it was a man made hot spring fueled by the volcanos it was absolutely amazing.

Before they bring you to the hot springs they take you on 10 zip lines and each one more euphoric and adrenaline pumping then the previous.

Before entering the hot spring they bring you to the volcanic mud, which is full of minerals that are great for the skin. That they let you paint onto your body. But before stepping foot into the hot spring you must rinse off.

Once all is said and done you may enter and enjoy a nice cold alcoholic, or non-alcoholic beverage by the swim up bar!

Pura Vida Baby!

I have to say one of the best days I had was spent on a jet ski with my Fiancé at Coco Beach. There’s no better feeling then the sun shine kissing your skin, the sea breeze filling your lungs and the waves rocking beneath you. And the best part was watching the sting rays jumping out and into the water as they traveled to their destination.

The ocean is one of my favorite places to be, so relaxing, so serene, and so beautiful. If I could develop a super power it would be to breathe under water and travel the world that way.

Woah,woah, woah let’s rewind!

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this earlier.

The beaches are breathtaking!

During our visit there we went to 3 beaches: Coco Beach, Playa Ocotal and La Tamarindo!

All beautiful beaches, the best of all in my opinion is La Tamarindo. It’s more of a younger crowd, bigger than the other two I mentioned and has strips of restaurants and boutiques!

Some nights they have beach parties, with volleyball, bon fires and of course... alcohol!

Lastly, if you’re looking for a villa for yourself and your family or some friends, definitely take a look at Villa Preciosa! This is where me, my family, and our friends stayed and let me tell you there was 14 of us! It was a very comfortable stay and the staff was generous and accommodating.

Not only was the villa beautiful and huge, but they had a beautiful infinity pool over looking Playa Ocotal where you can see mountains, islands and much more!

I hope you enjoyed your read, but sadly, this is where we part ways.

Hope you enjoyed and may have found your next vacation spot!

Pura Vida Everyone!



My name is Melissa.

I’m 26 years young

living on Long Island.

I’m a mother of a beautiful baby boy

and love writing and the outdoors!


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