7 Poets to Bless Your Instagram Feed With, Right Now!

1. Erin Rose


Rose's page is truly beautiful, moody-toned photos and lovely poetry make up every other post. A must follow if you're a multi-media art lover! If you like her writing, she also runs a lovely blog that may interest you, it can be found here!

2. Lauren Eden


Lauren is an amazing writer from Australia! She's not only a gifted poet, but also inspiring, witty, and a total babe! She has two amazing books out currently, and hopefully more to come!

3. Iain Thomas

I love Iain's style of writing, his poems are real and painful and hopeful, and totally non-conventional. My favorite writers are the ones that push the boundaries of their genre. He has a bunch of books out, and as a fairly new fan, I'm looking forward to reading them all (and 'll definitely buy them on amazon to help pay for my next JetBlue flight>learn about how I do that here)! Really happy to have come across this gifted poet!

4. Kyle Manning


Kyle is a very talented poet with dreamy blue eyes, living in the dreamy PNW. He just so happens to be an awesome person on top of his majorly impressive word slinging skills (and an excellent Portland tour guide!). I am dying to see a book from him sometime soon, I actually bug him about it all the time, because his words seriously NEED to be in print and readily available to the public. Check out his work and you will be, too!

5. Owen Lindley


Owen is a man of many talents, he writes, he plays guitar, he sings, he has a super cute mini-me. If you're every lucky enough to chat with him you'll find he has an incredible sense of humor, and a strange affection for mugs... He BETTER be working on a book right now, because I've been ready for it!!

6. Scott Laudati


Scott is a writer living in NYC. He currently has two poetry books and a novel out, all of which I am in love. When you order his work, he will send you a signed postcard of one of his poems, which is an awesome personal touch! His poetry speaks for itself, here is what he sent me with my order and one of my favorite poems from his book 'Bone House.'

7. Tyler Knott


Tyler Knott is probably one you've heard of before, but just in case you haven''re welcome. Living with his love in Montana, his life couldn't be more picture perfect...oh, except for the fact that they are also a traveling photography duo! Plus he is a huge fan of tattoos, and has lots of cool ones with interesting stories behind them. He has a few books out and a calendar, and his IG boasts handwritten and typewritten musings.

I hope you enjoy these amazing writers as much as I do,

and if you have, please consider supporting them

through a follow or a purchase!


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