L(E)T (GO)

L(E)T (GO)

Something I put great value in as of recently is the ability to let go..of ego.

I began applying this concept to every aspect of my life,

my yoga practice, my multiple businesses,

relationships, and new hobbies.

They say change doesn't happen overnight,

but big changes are made up of small efforts,

and I could instantly feel the wonderful effect these efforts have on my life.

If you're feeling like you want to give up, please consider reading this post.

The first realization I had that made it easier to understand was the difference of ego and the way you carry yourself.

Not having an ego is not so much not caring what other people think/not caring about your appearance(If dressing in leggings and a top knot feels good GO FOR IT, if heels and perfect hair makes you feel empowered then TREAT YO SELF to a blowout!)/being honest without compassion and then being like "no offense, I'm just blunt". These are not good examples of letting go of ego.

What I’m talking about is about being self-confident and secure in your progress, understanding that where you are can improve with consistent effort and a good attitude. Not feeling the need to bash others in an attempt to bring yourself up (talking shit only makes you look like an asshole), but instead appreciating everyone's progress and then trying harder to better yourself.

Perfection is not important, effort is.

and if you're consistent with your effort, that will bring you pretty damn close to perfection.

Once I learned this, I began to step out of my comfort zone, more and more, and TRY…in front of other people—strangers even—new things, (trapeze, modeling, real estate, teaching yoga, even some Nashville “cattle” lassoing—ok, it was a hay-bale), and NOT CARE or feel embarrassed if I fail. This is because I am so focused on giving it my best effort, too consumed in the moment to even think about “what if I fail…” my only thought is, “this time, i’m gonna succeed!”

Focus on the moment.


“I can’t be upset with you if you’re truly trying your best”

My mom told me that my entire life growing up, and I was always like “okay…I’m tryinggggg” …but I wasn’t actually trying, I was getting discouraged over my failures and giving up with an “I’m bad at this attitude” instead of accepting that EVERYTHING is a learning process, and its OK to be exactly you are right now, for as long as you need to be, just as long as you continue trying to improve you will continue to learn and grow!

Small improvements are so meaningful, take pride in them, its not all about the end goal.

There is ALWAYS something that can be made better, something small, start there,

baby steps!

Ask any successful person and they will tell you how many times they’ve failed.

They will also tell you that those failures were looked at as challenges, that they didn’t become defeated and demotivated by them, but the opposite.

They used failure to inspire them, to put out even more effort, or to think about a problem or situation in a whole new way.

The bottom line here is that nobody starts out as a pro at anything, people who are good at things learned how to be good at them by first, being bad at them, and second, not letting that stop them.

There is NOTHING that you aren’t capable of,

there are only things you took the time to learn

and things you haven’t tried yet.

As children, we are taught to set these huge goals: college, career, family decision-making…

these goals are so important, they are our inspiration, but no one wanted to focus on the steps and hard work it would take to achieve them, and how demotivated we can feel even though we are inspired.

That’s the difference between your inspiration and your motivation.

Your inspiration tells you your end goal.

Your motivation doesn't focus on your end goal, it focuses on today...your motivation, your work ethic, is what drives you and puts you to work every step of the way. Develop it, if it doesn't come naturally thats ok, train your brain, use self love to help you.

Think like this: I don't love getting up early and going to work, but work can be more enjoyable with a good attitude, so I'd like to have a little me time before-hand. Can't get mad at work for starting early, so I'll have to adapt and wake up earlier if I want me time....hmmm. Well, I like making breakfast, so I guess I can get up at 6:30 to make an extraaa awesome breakfast, that's something small I can do for myself that'll make me happier, and if I stick to it for a week waking up at 6:30 will become a habit and it wont be so hard. Maybe a few days a week I will get up at 6 and add in 30 min of yoga! <-- this was my exact start!

Baby steps!

We need to stop only holding value in the final-product, and instead realize that the steps between here and there are your life, and it’s passing you by.

What can you do to improve and enjoy RIGHT NOW. Just one thing. Something small.

Waking up earlier. Getting more organized. Being more compassionate. These are all things you can change RIGHT NOW. You can set out to do them today and accomplish them tomorrow!

Trust me, they seem so small but they will lead to things bigger than you could ever imagine.

Learn patience.

Put the utmost care and intention into every single thing that you do, no matter how small or minimal it may seem, it is an integral part of the groundwork of your success of your bigger goals. Things won’t just fall into place, but with the right foundation you’ll be able to guide them there securely!

Rid yourself of ego. Open your mind. Live in the moment. You are a work in progress, and that's a beautiful thing. You should always strive to be that. If you aren't working to improve then you aren't learning anything new!

Focus. Learn. Be patient.

If we would all just focus a bit more on what WE are doing, we have less time to focus on (and get mad at) things that are happening around us.

I think if you truly apply this, and can learn to appreciate each step of every journey, you may surprise yourself with how capable you actually are!

You will be happier.

You will grow.


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