Hi, my name is Nina, 24 years old from Switzerland.

I studied International Affairs, graduated and worked for a consulting company.

Despite the great job I had, all I wanted was to pack my bags and discover the world.

Leap into the unknown, forget what I thought that I knew and draw my own picture of this beautiful planet.

And so I did.

I left with a one way ticket to Brasil, a couple of addresses and a blank journal, waiting to be filled with adventures.

Some people thought that I was crazy to leave behind the great job I had, were concerned about me traveling by myself in dangerous South America, without any plan.

But this was exactly what was driving me: the unknown, the curiosity, the ability to make decisions based on my feelings, putting the "what if" into action and last, but not least: to put myself out of my comfort zone.

I had a blast.

Along the way I saw many beautiful places, experienced and lived different cultures, met amazing people from all over the world and learned a lot.

About others and about myself.

And I found something that turned into my little passion: making jewelry.

Back home I felt stale and restless after a while.

The so called "post-trip depression" I guess.

So I left again.

This time to New York to visit a guy I’d met in South America who I couldn’t get out of my head.

He took me on a cross country road trip with his little pop-up camper.

We loved our simple and minimalistic lifestyle. The feeling of freedom, no rush with our few belongings on our back, just like little turtles.

We hit the national parks, saw moose and bears, climbed, surfed, slept at Walmart parking lots, in the desert, at people’s driveways and last but not least: fell in love.

During our short trip to Nicaragua, we ran out of cash.

Selling handmade sunglass cords to tourist solved our problem…and created a new product.

Back in Switzerland people loved those handmade cords.

I sold a bunch and gave workshops.

It always had been a little dream of mine to be creative, making unique pieces, and actually earn some money with it. Making those cords is pure relaxation for me.

I enjoy creating new cords, combining colors and listening to some good music.

Now I'm back in the States, spending the summer on Long Island, trying hard to improve my surfing skills. :)

Together with a friend from Utah we're planning on starting our own jewelry business.

Necklaces, bracelets and of course the sunglass cords.

It inspires us to create and share.

To tell a story, to be in nature and travel.

And this is what our handmade pieces should represent: freedom, joy and curiosity.

So all I want to tell you girls is that you should follow your passion.

Be brave, take risks even if it’s hard sometimes.

Believe in yourself and do what you love to do.

All of us have certain skills that need to be discovered.

So take time for yourself, get to know yourself better, be curious and learn as much as you can.

And then follow your heart.

It’s easy to take the road that everyone is taking.

But ask yourself which road makes you feel satisfied.

Be true to yourself.

This is all that matters.

Much love


P.S.: If you want to check out my sunglass cords visit my instragram, @niniporelmundo.


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