The funny thing about traveling the world alone is that, after a little while,

it all looks the same...

Stonehenge, the leaning tower of Pisa, the streets of Venice, the Vatican, the narrow broken roads of Jerusalem, the western wall, Pompeii, horseshoe bend, acropolis, the beaches of the BVI, Aspen, you name it.

but at first, the world was so big.

A few weeks wasn’t enough time to settle my wondering mind. Photo after photo + checking in on my Footprint app was a typical day for me. Until one day, I was standing on the beach in Honolulu enjoying my early morning sun salutation while with my eyes shut.. I turned my head to my left and murmured, “aren’t we lucky?” After I didn’t hear the confirmation I was listening for I opened my eyes to find myself alone. And in my morning state of gratitude and bliss..I felt a bit lonesome.

I always used to say, “put me in the desert for a year with no clothes or phone or company and I’d come out thriving and the best version of myself.” Now, I’m not so sure that’s true.

Drawn out conversations with the valet or hotel concierge clerk are brief reliefs for my subtle loneliness when I travel.. but there’s no better place in the world to be than home. Some people say home is where the heart is but I personally think home is where all my stuff is. My favorite paintings, my favorite pillow, my puppy, my refrigerator filled with my favorite foods, my fire place, my marshmallow couch. It’s my stuff and it’s in my home .. but I’m not there. I’ve always wondered, do other travelers who have homes feel like this ?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d rather feel a little lonesome sometimes than be sitting behind a computer screen wishing I was where my screensaver convinces me paradise is. It’s one of those grass is always greener situations. When I travel I long to be home but when I’m home for too much time I long to travel. Now, I would never discourage anybody for traveling alone because I’ve found myself and recreated myself time and time again. I’m always learning new things I do and don’t like and how I am outside my comfort zone. But the most important lesson I’ve learned being alone in so many places and for so long is: everybody needs a home.

photos: lasithi, greece | crete, greece | st. marteen | nice, france | marrakech, morocco | killarney, ireland

Hey guys ! So time to do what I’m worst at and talk a little bit about me. My name is Kelly Semon and I’m a 25 year old world traveler from eastern Long Island. I’ve been to 25 countries in the past 3 years and typically travel solo. When I’m not traveling, I’m enjoying my waterfront home on the north shore with my long haired chihuahua, Moet. We enjoy brisk walks on the beach chasing seagulls and swimming. Other than that I enjoy exercise and meditation. I’m also a clean freak so spend more time than I’d like to admit following my Roomba around making sure she doesn’t miss any spots. I am open to questions about travel accommodations, things to see, and just any thing really. You can follow my IG here and message me anytime !


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