The Heart and The Mind.

You have the power to heal all of your wounds.

Staying open, courage, and awareness are key.

I found myself asking, can the heart change the mind?

I believe the answer is yes, if you let it.

We can often be stubborn, unforgiving.

This is human nature, it's what we've learned.

This is our mind taking control.

And quite often, the mind decides it's much easier to simply give up sometimes.

The heart is the balancing act, between the ego and the soul.

So, what if we listened to our hearts instead?

What if just once more, we really gave it our best?

Think of everything you've every persevered at,

and think of how much effort it took for it to be the best it can be.

Think of anyone who has changed the world that faced failures and obstacles along the way.

Some I'm sure you've heard of are:

Harriet Tubman. Maya Angelou. Oprah. Meryl Streep.

Tina Faye. Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Steven Hawking.

They all started out as victims of circumstance or just pure evil.

Chronically ill, broke, abused or

mocked by society for trying to transform their dreams into reality.

Imagine how many times they wanted to give up.

Imagine what the world would be like if they did,

if they didn't listen to their hearts and

instead listened to their mind telling them "no no no".

But they didn't, they didn't stay victims,

they didn't give up the first, fourth, fifth, tenth time.

They became warriors.

And so have you, many times.

It all took work, hard work.

You probably wanted to give up on many things at some point,

maybe you even gave in to your mind and walked away.

But you got back on the horse, the path, whatever you would like to call it.

You freed yourself from mental blocks,

you allowed love to take over,

and you let it pour out of you expecting nothing in return.

You did it the right way, finally, something that only comes from failing many times.

You gave it another shot and it became something beautiful.

Only when you love this way will love return to you in the same form.

Endless, without expectation.

I've recently learned that we need to take a

few steps back sometimes to realize what's truly important.

This can be scary, but its so necessary to grow, so be brave and embrace it.

Let go of everything, and let what's meant for you make its way back.

With the right mindset, you'll learn that you are enough, even with nothing at all.

And then you will have everything.

You'll realize you had this love inside you all along, you just had to open your eyes, your mind, and finally, your heart to let it out.

There is always room for forgiveness in an open heart.

And with that realization, your fears will simply vanish.

You will forgive yourself, and others.

You will let go and not cause pain over and over for the same mistake.

You will not need dependency on or from others to make you feel important.

You can enjoy and allow space. Only where there is space is there room to grow.

You will stop seeking security externally because you will have it in yourself.

You will want the best for yourself and those you love.

Life becomes easy, regardless of circumstance.

You begin expecting less of others, appreciating more, and making attainable promises to yourself that will bring you joy.

A to-do list of things that are simply fun.

This allows you to support others wholeheartedly

in their expressions of joy, without judgement or jealousy.

This allows you to build a beautiful life, wherever you may be.

All it takes is a small commitment.

A promise to yourself.

An endless practice, that becomes easier each moment.

To always choose kindness, to think before you speak, to live with pure intent, to consider all perspectives, to be the light, in a world that can seem so dark.

Share that light, the one that only comes from an open heart, and watch it grow.

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